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Carl d.Ä. Jutz

Windschläg 1838 -
Pfaffendorf 1916

Carl Jutz the Elder was born in Windschläg near Offenburg in 1838. After his training and many studies of nature, Carl Jutz the Elder became an expressive painter of pets. In 1853 Jutz joined the studio of animal painter A. Knip in Baden-Baden. After Knip's death in 1859 Carl Jutz the Elder wanted to study at the Munich art academy, but he seems not to have been admitted and therefore continued his training auto-didactically.
On his travels Carl Jutz the Elder came into contact with Düsseldorf painters and subsequently moved there in 1867. From 1868 to his death Jutz was a member of the artists' association "Malkasten". Carl Jutz the Elder's creative work included careful individual studies of live and stuffed animals. In his etchings Jutz dealt with the same motifs. He undertook annual study trips to his home region of Baden, where he also painted landscapes.
Carl Jutz the Elder died in 1916 in Pfaffendorf near Koblenz.

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